Mercedes Benz speeds on blockchain
Jan, 2020

Mercedes Benz speeds on blockchain

Mercedes Benz announced its collaboration with startup Circulor for a pilot program for carbon emission tracking in the cobalt supply chain.


The partnership came from Startup Autobahn, a program focused on finding the best startups in the automotive industry. This partnership will allow Mercedes to collect data regarding carbon emissions during the cobalt mining and delivery process, developing a carbon-free car portfolio.


Why cobalt ?


Cobalt is a key element for producing lithium batteries, whose use in the automotive industry rise every day due to electronic vehicle development. The majority of cobalt mining happens in Congo, where many kids work in cobalt mines. For this reason, Mercedes want to know the originality of its components and shape its decision – making process regarding its partners, who will show the most efficient strategies towards emission-free processes.


It is worth noting that Circulor had already partnered with Volvo for similar projects for tracking supply chains in different materials through blockchain.