2020 and new trends on Bitcoin and blockchain
Dec, 2019

2020 and new trends on Bitcoin and blockchain

2020 bring a new decade for Bitcoin and blockchain technology as the technology enters a mature phase for development as a core on the edge technology. The first enthusiasm has gone away while the past two years have been corrective, with many variances in price and regulations.


The biggest trend in Bitcoin at this moment is its scalability potential, aka the ability to be implemented in a more wide area of products and services around it. In parallel, the need for digitization of assets and use of distributed infrastructure increase the demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Most blockchain developers report that Lightning Network and similar networks’s implementation will resolve many issues over the technical level.


Regarding institutions and their contribution with cryptocurrencies, crypto’s fame got better over this year and the best are coming. The announcements from China regarding its own cryptocurrency’s development and regulation change for blockchain technology.