Accenture on Blockchain Route
Dec, 2019

Accenture on Blockchain Route

Accenture,  one of the biggest digital transformation companies worldwide, announced its partnership (through undisclosed investment) with blockchain startup TradeIX, focused on trade finance. The partnership will provide the startup with many opportunities to develop new products and cases for buyers and sellers in trade finance industry.


TradeIX’s basic goal is to create an intelligence platform between buyers and sellers in trade finance industry. The information will be around inventory issues, selling and purchasing invoices and delivery notes, all in blockchain infrastructure.


Accenture’s role on the partnership will be the deliverance of customer’s transactions through a decentralized network, focused on financial services, supply chain and digital identities.


TradeIX created Marco Polo network, which give access to information regarding trade finance for over 70 companies in different industries like financial services (bank of America, Mastercard) and automotive (Daimler). Accenture partnered also with Central bank of Sweden to create a digital currency while it is considered for similar projects with central banks from Canada and Singapore.