Decentralization in Transactions
Dec, 2019

Decentralization in Transactions

Cryptocurrency introduction change forever the terms “money” and “finance”. The term of decentralized finance (or DeFi) is dominating over the last months due to several applications and agreements from large corporations and startups on the field.


The fundamental element of DeFi is the crypto exchanges. Many analysts thought that 2019 will come with more decentralized exchanges but the opposite might happened. The largest crypto exchanges charged higher fees or issued their own coins to profit from them. This situation resulted for crypto exchanges to operate like digital banks, without easing users’ experience regarding cryptocurrency exchanges.


Decentralization have started its first steps in crypto space with Ethereum, Dai and DAOMaker in the frontline. The total investment in decentralized exchanges raised in $ 670 million while the total DeFi space will be valued around $ 5 billions. The rise of decentralized crypto exchanges for safe and efficient crypto exchange will revolutionize the crypto space and reduce pump and dump coins from trading room’s choices.