Startup school for cryptocurrencies
Nov, 2019

Startup school for cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest and most successful venture capitals worldwide, Adreessen Horowitz, launches startup school next February for cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting that a16z has invested in early stage in different blockchain projects like Coinbase and Ripple.


The program will cover an extensive variety of courses while it is addressed to young startuppers that want to start their own project in blockchain space. The venture capital make clear that there will be no charge or equity for participating in the program and its main goal is to accelerate the existing blockchain projects to scale up over the next years.


The courses will cover product and technology design, internal operational organization, go – to- market strategy and legal issues that derive from blockchain activity.


Many educational institutions have started to offer degrees and seminars on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The most known universities like MIT, Stanford and IT University of Copenhagen have started their own labs and programs on blockchain while in France, blockchain courses were introduced in high school curriculum.