UNICEF Crypto Fund’s first actions
Oct, 2019

UNICEF Crypto Fund’s first actions

The first action from UNICEF Crypto Fund will be the financing for Internet connectivity in public schools worldwide.


The announcement for Crypto Fund’s establishment was made in Ethereum Devcon, spreading public that the fund will receive, hold and distribute bitcoins and ethereum.


The first donations became reality from Ethereum Foundation and it was 1 Bitcoin and 100 Ethers, with total value around $ 25,000.


The project that will start with these donations will be called Project Connect and will finance new Internet connections in public schools that don’t have the resources to upgrade their infrastructure.


Already governments from Sierra Leone, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Kenya have declare interest on participating in Project Connect and adopt blockchain systems for Internet payments.


The digital payments remain a priority for UNICEF and within the next years there will be a huge increase and use from the mother organization, the United Nations.