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University of Malta provides Master’s in Blockchain
Oct, 2019

University of Malta provides Master’s in Blockchain

University of Malta starts its Master’s program in Blockchain and Decentralized Technologies. The students are around 35 and there would be a small elite in job market as master programs in blockchain are very limited around the world.


Malta, “The Blockchain Island”, has started since last year an initiative for being the ultimate destination for every blockchain business venture. In this framework, the regulation authorities in the island votes several blockchain - friendly laws and creates a framework for easing the crypto companies’ activities.


The initiative was fruitful as Binance and OKEx have brought their HQs in Malta along with other crypto companies.


The Master’s program has the full support of the local government, which granted over € 300.00 in scholarships while the program has been connected to 15 companies that are interested in hiring blockchain - literate candidates.


The program has three main sectors : Law, Business and Information Technology. Each sector studies blockchain from a different point of view but every student has classes from all of them. The ultimate goal for the university is to bring in the job market, graduates that are able to understand both technical and applied segments of blockchain technology. The graduates’ abilities to understand both segments, make them valuable assets for any company.