Bitcoin : Weekly Analysis
Sep, 2019

Bitcoin : Weekly Analysis

Bitcoin’s price was moving around the lower levels of $ 10.000, after the weekend, when there was a mobility around $ 10.500 – 10.600. As there was no clear upward or downward move, Bitcoin’ volatility has been decreased at a significant level. The volatility indexes are the same as those in November 2018 and April 2019.


The past two times where the volatility was at the same levels, the price decided to make a strong upward move and this led to extensive profitability for long – term investors. In similar situations like the current one, an upward move that could led up to 25 % is possible.


Of course, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had been famous for their large volatility, making them a risky investment for someone who is risk averse. This can be inevitable if you go through price movements which varies from $20.000 to $ 3.000 in just a year.


Traders who are daily hunters of price volatility, find it perfect as they can place funds on the rise or fall of Bitcoin price on daily basis, making profits out of it.


In any case, what we expect now is a clear move either upwards or downwards and the return on higher volatility levels.