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Manchester City put its players in the blockchain
Aug, 2019

Manchester City put its players in the blockchain

Manchester City become one of the first football teams in the world which partnered with a blockchain company in order to bring its players in the digital dimension.


Superbloke is the producer of online fantasy football game FC Superstars, a decentralized application (DApp), which allow its users to create and develop football players, formed in tokens and hold them like digital assets.


With this new partnership with Manchester City, the game users can use City’s footballers for their custom team, develop their own legacy, based on real - life stats.


The football players will be represented in cards, a rather popular hobby for many fans, who want to collect cards of their favorite players, believing both in sentimental and commercial value of them. The commercial value could rise in extreme levels after several years depending on their uniqueness and scarcity. The digital form of the cards and the use of blockchain can guaranteed the uniqueness of the cards and the future commercial value.


The application open as beta in April 2019 while the partnership agreement with Manchester City has been announced since last June. In the next months, we are going to watch for more events and promotions regarding Man City and its new game.