The impact of Bitcoin Meetups
Aug, 2019

The impact of Bitcoin Meetups

The community issue has been mentioned many times in conversations for Bitcoin’s development and creation of a large user base, willing to adopt cryptocurrencies in their daily life. Conferences, educational videos and podcasts are very important for community building and information sharing for future and current users but they don’t have the impact of a face – to – face meetup.


For this reason, monthly meetups can give a boost to local communities in order to meet people with common interests and experiment with their knowledge. Especially in Bitcoin space, meetups are more common among developers that want to get involved in the blockchain industry.


The first technical meetup was held from BitDevs in New York, in 7 August 2013 while a few months later (December 2013), Andreas Antonopoulos held a similar meetup in San Fransisco, Bitcoin Devs Meetup, with 16 participants. Since then, there have been a lot in the crypto space and many meetups have emerge with multiple cases like business, mining and software engineering.


The most popular meetup remains BitDevs, which has developed in different like Boston and London. They have start a new educational method inside the meetup, called the Socratic Seminar. Through this process, the Socratian educational approach, the live conversation and the multiple questions make the audience able to understand the concepts and deliver them to others.


The knowledge inside the community should be sharing through the meetups and can affect positively in Bitcoin’s development as any person that can understand the crypto, will pass it through its neighbors and social cycle.