Predict Bitcoin price by playing !!!
Aug, 2019

Predict Bitcoin price by playing !!!

The popular game MoonRekt accepts now bitcoins for in – game payments but also for withdrawals for the players’ profits from their bets.


The main goal of the game is the correct prediction of different cryptocurrencies within the next five minutes, accompanied with a chat room between the players. Of course, there are several special bonuses, that allow the players to multiply their profits, according to their bets.


The Bitcoin adoption is the next step for Hxro, the company that develops the game, according to its CEO, Dan Gunsberg. Over the next years, the game will be the ultimate platform for crypto gaming and in order to achieve it, there is need for larger adoption of different cryptocurrencies both from the users and the platform.


Hrxo’s games have over 37.000 players in 170 countries worldwide. One of the most aspiring games of the company is MUHBAGS, a game that simulates the creation of cryptocurrencies portfolio. The game will be a fantasy trading game, like many others for the regular stock market.