What is Viacoin ?
Jul, 2019

What is Viacoin ?

Viacoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in circulation at this moment in the crypto exchanges as its founding goes back in 2014. The base protocol is the same with Bitcoin with some different modifications on the core code.


The development team behind Viacoin is consisted of 7 developers and has remained anonymous until today. The only revealing about them is the code upload in Github and some tweets in Twitter. The project focuses on fastest transactions and the easy interoperability with other blockchains. The unique features of Viacoin are 3 and define its architecture :

  1. Scrypt Merged Mining

This type of mining is a fairer mining version as it is ASIC-resistant. This means that ASIC miners have no advantage over GPU or CPU miners.

  1. SegWit and Lightning Network Support

Bitcoin’s soft forks are supported from Viacoin protocol, giving the ability to its users to trade other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and other, without an exchange in the middle.

  1. Schnorr Signatures

Schnorr signatures allow the block confirmation in groups and not individually. This feature can reduce blockchain’s bandwidth by 25 %.


Viacoin is listed on many crypto exchanges like Binance, Bittrex and Coinroom. It’s also supported from crypto wallets like Copay.


Many crypto experts believe that Viacoin can’t stand alone on the cryptocurrency space but it complements larger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in transaction’s speed and crypto trading. This feature is the main advantage of Viacoin which can survive, based on the expanded Bitcoin adoption and transactions.

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