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IMF: How will you be paying for lunch in 5 years?
Apr, 2019

IMF: How will you be paying for lunch in 5 years?

The answer is...crypto! A very interesting poll from IMF hints us that the digital future of payments through cryptocurrencies is far closer than we may think...


The International Monetary Fund started a very interesting poll last week, through it's official Twitter account @IMF.


The question was: "How do you think you will be paying for lunch in 5 years?"



What is really interesting however, is not the fact that the majority answered "crypto". After all, the crypto community is very strong and pretty hardcore enough to... search and destroy such polls. So basically, the outcome of this poll probably doesn't represent the common opinion.


But it is not the outcome of the poll that is important. What's important is the poll itself. The fact that the IMF itself, one of the most powerful economic houses of the world, starts a poll about the future of payments, and includes crypto as one of the four options, is a tremendous feat for cryptocurrency.


It is a form of validation, one step closer to mass adoption. And it is neither the first nor the last time the IMF shows its crypto-friendly emotions. Throughout the last year, the Fund has published many researches on digital payments, praising the pros of cryptocurrencies as money.


The hints are there, in plain sight, and even the IMF drops them nowadays... Those of us who refuse to see them are bound to witness the revolution when its too late to be a crucial part of it, or even make some money in the process (by investing in cryptos)...


The same thing happened with the Internet. People mocked the Internet in its early days, calling the few people that used it "nerds". Noone believed in e-mail, because so few people used it at first, and it was impractical. We all know what happened next...


Crypto, the "Internet of Money" is the next big revolution of our time, and it will occur, either we believe in it or not