Lagard’s Son Lost Money on Cryptos
Nov, 2023

Lagard’s Son Lost Money on Cryptos

In the last Friday, the ECB’s head, Christine Lagard referred to her son and his investments.


The thing is that her son lost almost 60 % of his investments by placing them into different crypto assets, and some of them went to zero.


The Head of ECB has been negative against cryptocurrencies, calling them “speculative”, without any intrinsic value and has been used as a medium for illegal activities.


Indeed, as a good mother, she advised her son on how to manage his investments but he didn’t probably listen to her.


ECB has proposed many times a global regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, in terms of investors protection and many more countries are expected to follow in this path.


Of course, ECB is on the route for Digital Euro and its expected launch….


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