Coindesk Sold to Bullish
Nov, 2023

Coindesk Sold to Bullish

The news sector remains an important part of crypto everyday life and many investors and crypto lovers took an important share of time every day, reading news and news.


One of the most popular sites is Coindesk, which remains a trustworthy source of crypto news and was operating under the umbrella of Digital Currency Group (DCG), a well-known investor in the field.


This changed last week as the crypto exchange Bullish, which is run from the former chair of New York Stock Exchange, Tom Farley offered many millions (without disclosing how much) to acquire it.


The management team will remain the same and Coindesk will run as an independent subsidiary of the group, adding more executives from the broader sector, like Matt Murray, ex-Wall Street Journal columnist.


We expect to see more traction in the sector with more money……..


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