New Enemy for Winklevoss Twins ?
Jul, 2023

New Enemy for Winklevoss Twins ?

The Winklevoss Twins became publicly known in the wide public through their feud with META’s Mark Zuckerberg as they won $65 million to settle down a lawsuit, which was filed for stealing the idea behind Facebook.


Some of those money were invested into Bitcoin and the crypto exchange Gemini became a reality. But there is a new legal battle in the sector.


This time, they sue their former partner, Barry Silbert, due to Genesis. Genesis’ capitals, which is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, were frozen on November 2022 and its largest creditor was the crypto exchange Gemini of Winklevoss Twins.


The lawsuit will be around misleading facts and investors and they will try to get as many money as they can back.


A new feud is taking place in the castor and we will see how it will affect the market…..


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