Tether USDT Available at Bcash ATMs !!
May, 2023

Tether USDT Available at Bcash ATMs !!

The world’s most famous stablecoin, Tether USDT, is now available in Bcash’s ATMs.


Tether acts in the crypto sector as a stable monetary value, pegged with US Dollar, to offer more security to investors.


The same currency is the “cash” in the crypto world as many investors are opting to keep their “undeployed” capital in USDTs so they could act quick when they find an investment opportunity.


For this reason, changing € or $ to Tether brings investors into readiness and allow them to be alert on handling their next moves on the crypto portfolio.


In parallel, buying Tether can act as a medium of storing value, as it happens to many cryptos but with more stability.