Fear and Greed Index: What Shows Now ?
Mar, 2023

Fear and Greed Index: What Shows Now ?

The Fear and Greed Index is an index used in the stock markets and especially in the Bitcoin’s case, aiming to show the momentum in the market and how it drives the price.


When indications are between 20 and 40, the market seems to fear that there are not enough buyers to hold the price levels. If the price starts to rise at higher levels above 50, the prospectives are more and more positive.


As the price goes up, the “greed” of investors is getting higher. And as the “greed” goes up, the most possible is to reach a “high level” and then there is the fall.


At this moment, the index for Bitcoin has reached 66, an indication that hasn’t been seen since November 2021 while the price has recovered since summer 2022.


The situation in the banking sector made good to Bitcoin….