What Happened This Year in Davos for Cryptos ?
Jan, 2023

What Happened This Year in Davos for Cryptos ?

Last year, in Davos, during the World Economic Forum, crypto companies were everywhere in multiple stores and cafes, promoting the emerging technology of blockchain.


This year, almost $1.4 trillion were wiped out of the crypto market and this was far from evident in Davos. There are no more fancy NFTs or projects that brought in the scene as falling stars.


The crypto companies that will be shown this year in Davos are the “real deals” as they had survived a really tough year, when larger and larger companies went bankrupt, given that FTX was the largest failure.


The only fancy thing was an orange Mercedes with Ukrainian tablets and its tires, where it was written “In Crypto We Trust”. No one saw who parked it there and for how long it will stay…….