Problems in Huobi Exchange ?
Jan, 2023

Problems in Huobi Exchange ?

The crypto exchange Huobi announced that will fire around 20 % of its total personnel at global level, creating new problems in the crypto market.


This means that, from 1,600 employees, around 300 will be fired in the next months.


Huobi has done more than $370 million in trading volumes and considered to be as one of the largest crypto exchange in the world.


FTX’s collapse has brought a new story every day in the surface regarding cryptos as the lack of liquidity pushes more and more the larger players in the market.


In the start of November, many Bitcoins were pulled out from crypto exchanges while Binance had frozen USDC withdrawals for some days, creating a mini chaos in the markets.


We will see how the Huobi issue will end up….