Crypto Whales are Accumulating Altcoins
Jan, 2023

Crypto Whales are Accumulating Altcoins

After the FTX incident and the macroeconomic factors in many countries around the world, especially inflation and joblessness are bringing new data in the crypto market.


Bitcoin has been brought in the critical zone between $16,000 and $18,000 regarding its price and this affects the entire market.


The thing is that larger wallets are buying more and more positions in altcoins, with strong fundamentals, large communities and with use cases that find applicability in the real market.


In crisis periods, the big money are made as everything is on sales. And when you buy in such a period, you can take much higher risk, as there is a chance of default, but the future returns are much higher.


Until the next bullish cycle, we buy and hold…………..