What Will 2023 Bring to Cryptos (Part 1) ?
Dec, 2022

What Will 2023 Bring to Cryptos (Part 1) ?

1) Venture capital funding in the crypto section is expected to decline in the first semester of 2023. Another difficult year for crypto startups and their development.


2) Larger and larger brands will enter in the Web 3.0 space. Brands like Nike and Starbucks have entered in the NFT space and more and more will come in this way.


3) Many “communities” in Web 3.0 projects will disappear. When we say “community”, we mean Discord servers with gamblers of every size.


4) More emphasis in quality projects. More realism and less hype that will give true value to investors.


5) Gaming development will turn into more realism, especially after Axie Infinity downfall. Web 3.0 brought revolution in the gaming industry and it will become much more intense in 2023, with better projects.