Can Bitcoin Predict S&P 500 ?
Dec, 2022

Can Bitcoin Predict S&P 500 ?

The traditional markets are not in the best track and all investors are looking for the moment that there would be a change in the market momentum, from bearish to bullish.

And what they are looking to Bitcoin ?


According to Delphi Digital, Bitcoin “tops” around 48 days and “bottoms” 10 days before S&P 500. This means that Bitcoin is always ahead of the markets.


In their analysis for 2023, Delphi Digital underlines that in the past 5 years, every change in the market trends, has been predicted from Bitcoin.


The reason can be summed up here:


“Bitcoin’s volatility is so great and unpredictable that any rational move could be translated as a real turn in the market trend”.


We expect how 2023 will enter for cryptos and the other markets…..