Will Grayscale Liquidate Bitcoin Holdings ?
Dec, 2022

Will Grayscale Liquidate Bitcoin Holdings ?

Grayscale is expected to re-buy 20 % ofGrayscale Bitcoin Trust  (GBTC) to comply with the new instructions from the SEC.


At this moment, the company’s holdings in Bitcoin should converted into some other asset, and the most possible scenario would be a conversion to a Spot Bitcoin ETF.


Bitcoin Trust from Grayscale holds more than 600,000 bitcoins and it stands around – 50 %, regarding its annual return.


If there is no conversion for the bitcoins and any re-buy from Grayscale, we should be prepared for one of the biggest sell-offs in the crypto history.


The regulatory framework around cryptos is expected to become stricter and every company should comply with the rules, changing its operations.