Maybe Cryptos Need a Rebranding?
Dec, 2022

Maybe Cryptos Need a Rebranding?

The House of Lords brough up the crypto issue in the conversation that happened a couple of days ago and some interesting opinions were expressed.


Godfrey John Bewicke-Copley mentioned that cryptos are “the ultimate disaster” and the term “crypto” should be taken out of our vocabulary forever.


This came as a contrast with the vision for the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to make United Kingdom, a global crypto hub to attract investors and companies from the sector.


The reality is that the average man that has never heard for investments, have heard for cryptos because of many people have lost their money.


This can only weaken the large dynamic that the cryptos could have globally and the role that could play in the future.


But as we know, we are in transition….