Is FTX the Lehman Brothers for Cryptos ?
Nov, 2022

Is FTX the Lehman Brothers for Cryptos ?

Many analysts compared the FTX collapse and the $10 billion loss with the similar incident back in 2008, the Lehman Brothers’ collapse. But how relevant is that?


The truth is that plain numbers could give some value in this case. Lehman Brothers lost over $600 billion in the corresponsive situation, making many many investors to lose their money, even at institutional level.


Regarding impact in the market, everything is possible. After Lehman’s collapse, the regulatory authorities around the world tried to implement a stricter framework regarding how much cash should be held by a bank and what exposure should they have in specific products.


And that’s how Basel III and MiFID II came out.


We expect that we will see a similar regulatory trial in the crypto space that will be able to protect investors from future FTX…