Binance CEO on CBDCs
Nov, 2022

Binance CEO on CBDCs

Binance's CEO, Changpeng Zhao stated that CBDCs are not imposing any threats for the crypto space, rather than they confirm that the blockchain technology remains superior for those use cases.


9 out of 10 Central Banks around the world want to explore the possibility of a CBDC while 105 countries have started a similar project for this purpose.


Binance CEO said that a technology used from the government would have much more appeal to the wide public as CBDCs will become a daily routine for the majority of the world population.


The relationship between cryptos and the stock market is still evident in the markets as the investors are trying to get more and more cash on their hands. Thus, they sell cryptos and stocks, leading to the evident results.


The expectations are higher than ever and the market on discount...