Ark Invest’s Letter to FED
Oct, 2022

Ark Invest’s Letter to FED

Ark Invest’s CEO, Kathie Wood is one of the most controversial personalities in the investment world and her positions are contrarian towards the entire market or to asset classes that more traditional investors are ignoring.


This year is not good at all for the markets and even worse for Ark Invest. When the market goes down by 20 %, Ark Invest is down by 60 %.


The interest raises from FED drove the markets into congestion, making investors to fear for every meeting.


Indeed, UN Committees but Wood herself sent letters to FED to stop increasing the interest rates, characterizing them those moves “as a surprise” and the final result will be a deflationary shock, with disastrous consequences for the economy.


FED has its strategy and it wouldn’t listen to investors for sure…