Any New Cars in the Metaverse ?
Sep, 2022

Any New Cars in the Metaverse ?

Renault (to be precise, the Korean subsidiary of Renault) is one of the oldest automotive companies in the world. To pass in the new era, it collaborated with The Sandbox, a metaverse platform based on Ethereum.


The goal of the partnership is the brand promotion of Renault in a metaverse environment, following a series of activities in it.


Presentations for new cars in virtual customers, show-offs and test drives in virtual tracks and features for the new cars will be available in the Sandbox environment.


But Renault is not the only player in the field. Volkswagen run a NFT campaign back in April, named “Game On” while Nissan prepared the presentation for its new model, Sakure, only in metaverse. A similar action was taken from Hyundai for the future features of its cars.


New experiences ahead of us…