Dogecoin Surges Through the Panic
Jul, 2022

Dogecoin Surges Through the Panic

Dogecoin was and still is one of the jokes in the crypto markets. This doesn’t mean that it remains stalled. Especially when guys like Elon Musk decide to play with it.


So, every time Musk referred Dogecoin in Twitter, something was happening. Usually, Dogecoin took a first hit and start to increase. After the previous weeks’ panic, everyone was expecting that the trial between Musk and Twitter regarding the purchase, will affect Doge negatively.


This didn’t happen as Dogecoin was traded around $0.075, jumping daily at 11 % and at weekly basis, around 23 %. What’s happening in the market though ?


We believe that the hopes for ending the bear market has been translated into happiness for many cryptos or as many as they managed to survive….