Miltos Manetas Issues NFTs for Julian Assange
Jul, 2022

Miltos Manetas Issues NFTs for Julian Assange

Miltos Manetas, an esteemed artist and founder of Internet Pavilion in Venice Biennale, announced that he will issue 50 % of Julian Assange's portraits in NFT form, through a new DAO.


The project will be called “This Cannot Be Erased” and it will be consisted from 111 NFTs. The buyers will have access to a physical copy also while all the paintings have been created in the past two years.


The collection will be split into 3 phases, with 37 tokens each phase and it will built in Materia blockchain. Usually, Venice Biennale has national pavilions but this year the Internet Pavilion will be themed for Julian Assange.


The goal of the project is nothing else but to raise awareness for the Assange’s case and his extradition to the US for prosecution.