Euronext Launches First Bitcoin Spot ETF
Jul, 2022

Euronext Launches First Bitcoin Spot ETF

In the USA, Grayscale’s application for a Bitcoin Spot ETF got rejected but in Europe, the situation is different. Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is officially the first Bitcoin Spot ETF in Europe, in the Euronext Amsterdam exchange.


Behind this ETF, it’s Fidelity Asset Management as custodian while Flow Traders and DRW will act as market makers.


The fees will be around 1.5 % of the invested capital while it will draw attention from the investing community. The low prices are lucrative at this moment for investors that wanted to buy Bitcoin but they believed that the price was still high.


The difference between it and the previous ETFs is the direct exposure of investors in Bitcoin, without restrictions or hidden rules.


We wait to see the reaction from the investors !!!