Binance US Will Pass to Zero Fees
Jun, 2022

Binance US Will Pass to Zero Fees

There is a steady trend from crypto exchanges to try to claim bigger and bigger stakes in the crypto market, with any cost. Even if this means that they will eliminate their basic source of income, trading fees.


Binance US, the US affiliate for Binance, will move towards eliminating fees from trades in the next months.


Binance US stated that the exchange will not take any profit from the trades in contrast with other zero-fees platforms like Robinhood, which rebates trades to make profit out of them.


This move is going to be used in a limited amount of cryptocurrencies in the beginning and it will be extended into the full range of cryptos, offered from Binance US.


Binance US, a few days ago, announced a new funding round of $200 million, with total valuation at $4.5 billion.