Michael Saylor on Bitcoin
Jun, 2022

Michael Saylor on Bitcoin

Michael Saylor, Microstrategy CEO, gave 10 points for a better future around Bitcoin:


  1. Better clearing on profits and losses like traditional stock excahnges
  2. There 520 unregulated exchanges with 20x leverage, dangerous for investors
  3. 19,000 cryptos are based on other larger cryptos, not followed from the same rules
  4. Unrealistic returns based on staking
  5. No knowledge around technical background
  6. No real stablecoin in the market
  7. Lack of a spot Bitcoin ETF
  8. Lack of regulatory framework for investors’ insurance
  9. Lack of investing guides around Bitcoin
  10. The Bitcoin investment horizon should be around 10 years


Based on the above points, the next investment cycle will lead Bitcoin to new high levels and will bring the market along with it.