10 % of Eurozone Households Own Cryptos
Jun, 2022

10 % of Eurozone Households Own Cryptos

A new survey from ECB in 6 countries in Eurozone showed that 1 in 10 households own cryptos. Even if richer families are more possible to won, the poorer are not far behind them.


The goal of the survey was to understand if the crypto downturn has affected the household economics. From the participating countries, the Netherlands are on the first place with 14 %, while the last place belongs to France with 6 %.


37 % of participants owned until 1,000 € while 29 % of them have between 1,000 and 5,000 € in cryptos. 13 % own between 5,000 and 10,0000 € while the rest 21 % have over 10,000 €in cryptos.


ECB has flagged many times the risks around cryptocurrencies for retail investors and push them out from purchasing them.