Crypto Capitalizaiotn Reaches Again $2 Trillion
Mar, 2022

Crypto Capitalizaiotn Reaches Again $2 Trillion

The crypto market has reached a $2 trilllion capitalization since 22nd March until today (28th March). This signal showed that the entire market has surged overall, with profits for Bitcoin 8.9 % and for Ethereum 8.5 % in a single week.


Of course, from major cryptos, Cardano gained the most, surging 27 % in a week.


From minor coins, the largest profits were tracked in ZIL (148 %), CVX (53.2 %) and VET (44.9 %), again in 7-day span.


Bitcoin’s dominance reaches 40 % while Ethereum’s share reaches 18 %. A number, we should also take into consideration is the $216 billion, locked into DeFi structures and have not been used yet.


Another interesting week ahead of us….