What Will Bring Ethereum 2.0 in the Market ?
Mar, 2022

What Will Bring Ethereum 2.0 in the Market ?

There are not many times that there are changes in the fundamental elements for a cryptocurrency as the quantity of tokens in circulation and generally how the overall distribution will be done in the future.


Ethereum is passing in a new reality, with version 2.0 that will merge the proof-of-work and proof-of-stake algorithms in a single blockchain. The most important fact is the staking option for Ethereum users, that will allow them to earn new tokens as they keep their tokens in the network.


Indeed, staking returns will reach 10 to 15 %, making them more lucrative for investors that look the inflation rates to increase (7.9 % in February in USA).


We wait to see the reactions from institutional investors in the new data and their positions…