Bcash™ ATM Omega - from 2990€

The recent Bcash™ model has been proven very effective on the market. Very strong and durable metal kiosk that support BUY/SELL of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

Bcash™ ATM Alpha - from 3690€

The first Bitcoin ATM of Bcash™ company that was an absolute success story. Huge screen and simple build are the ideal combination for a Crypto ATM. It supports multiple crypto-coins.

Bcash™ Sale Point

With Sale point you can sell cryptocurrency to your customers. You are buying a tablet and a printer with Bcash™ software installed. Very simple device with a very easy to use interface.

Bcash™ Online Solution

The fastest and the easiest solution to start selling coins. What you need is a device with Internet access and a printer. No shipping needed, just purchase it and login to you account.

Bcash™ Accept Coins

Innovation of Bcash™ for retail and wholesale. Get paid for goods and services in crypto-coins and receive cash directly to your bank account for absolutely FREE - 0% commission!