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Jan, 2022

S&P Predicts Growth for Cryptos and DeFi in 2022

One of the largest intelligence companies in the world, S&P Global suggested that the cryptos and DeFi infrastructures  will continue to grow during 2022. Examining the current market situation, the research highlights the main obstacles for crypto adoption and the fact that cryptos would be a major alternative option for investors.


Some insights from the analysis:


3 companies (Block.one, Microstrategy and Tesla) own 84 % of corporate investments in Bitcoin. Institutional investors have increasing interest for cryptos and they will import them in several portfolios.


DeFi will complement traditional finance while services around it will continue to be developed in different verticals.


Last but not least, regulation around cryptos will be the next step for them, without a clear view about the positivity of the negativity of this action.