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Jan, 2021

The 2021 and What it Will Bring for Cryptocurrencies

After a positive year for cryptocurrencies, a new era is coming, bringing new trends in the financial world. Let’s see some of them:


1) Institutional Money is Coming


Lot of banks and investment firms started to invest in cryptocurrencies, extra boost in the price and covering news within this topic.


2) Mass Adoption in the Crypto World


More and more people have cryptos and use them in their everyday life, presenting new data about crypto use worldwide.


3) Decentralized Finance


A new funding source for projects worldwide, at early stage and want find money for further development.


4) The New Ethereum


The new Ethereum 2.0 is expected to bring a new life for Ethereum and deliver new abilities in its users and investors.


5) The use of blockchain in every industry


Any industry finds applications for blockchain and thinks how new value chains could be created and promote blockchain in the real world.