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Sep, 2020

CoinMarketCap Creates the Educational Portal “Alexandria”

CoinMarketCap is one of the oldest sites in the crypto space (since 2013), providing data about prices and markets for different cryptocurrencies and stats for any interested party, professional or not. The acquisition from Binance in 2020 shows its uptrend during the last years.


At this moment, CoinMarketCap launched the project “Alexandria”, honoring the mighty ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt, which was told to store the entire world’s wisdom. The strategic move shows that CoinMarketCap wants to offer a complete knowledge and education product for its users.


The portal will offer educational content for new and advanced crypto users like a glossary, extended articles about crypto technical features, and opinions about the use of cryptocurrencies in different economic sectors.


You can visit the portal, pressing the link below :