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Aug, 2020

How Listings in Major Crypto Exchanges Helps Altcoins

The surge in the crypto market during the last months lead many investors to look for the next chance that will create profits in the minimum time, with the minimum risk. Apart from the technical analysis part that many investors use to make investment decisions, some fundamental factors affect the price like the mining hash rate and the adoption rates.


In altcoins’ case, the trust factor plays always an important role. An altcoin in its beginning doesn’t have the investors’ trust to attract more investments and improve its liquidity. For this reason, there is a need to enter as many exchanges as it could.


One of the most trusted crypto exchanges is Coinbase. Indeed, adding cryptos in Coinbase seems to add trust in the coin as every altcoin that was added in the platform, surged on average by 50 %. The cryptos with the largest returns were Band Protocol (490 %), Algorand (134 %), Chainlink (111 %), Ethereum (81 %), and Cosmos (53 %).