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Feb, 2020

The Relationship Between Telegram and Cryptocurrencies

Telegram has become a daily routine for crypto fans that have cryptocurrencies in their daily life for several reasons. From daily news regarding cryptocurrencies from trading signals that may affect the price and produce profits (or losses) in their trading panel.


Although, it is proper for Telegram users who want to optimize its operations and use Telegram only for the things they are interested in and not for spamming.


  • Use “New Secret Chat” when you want to chat with people that you don’t know except Telegram


  • Don’t join channels with names “ETH Giveaways” and “The Real Satoshi is Here”. None is giving out free cryptocurrencies.


  • Pin the most interested groups to appear first and archive the noisiest


  • Etiquette: Every group or channel has its own audience so be sure to read its terms or speak with the moderator before any action


Have a nice exploration !!!