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Jan, 2020

Winkevloss twins with $ 200 million in crypto insurance

Winklevoss twins announced that they rise crypto-insurance deposits in cold storage in their exchange in $ 200 million. This amount is the largest crypto amount of deposits in any exchange worldwide.


This decision shows that Gemini is ready to promote new services in their audience and the reserves will enable its customers to take more safe decisions for investing.


Gemini Exchange has its insurance firm, Nakamoto, established in Bermuda Islands. Except for cold storage insurance, Nakamoto offer services like hot wallet and crypto assets insurance. The creation of the company was made through partnerships with insurance firms like Marsh and AON.


For many years, it is said that the cryptocurrency industry needs institutional investors for larger investments and infrastructure building. Initiatives like Gemini Exchange show to global markets that cryptos can be a normal financial market with all the investing tools available.