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Sep, 2019

US Air Force uses Blockchain technology for data management

US Air Force announced in 27 August its partnership through working contract with blockchain company Constellation. Constellation uses blockchain for big data management through different pipelines.


The partnership came to reality through Small Business Innovation Research, an initiative from the US State which gives the opportunity to small business ventures with innovative technologies, to partner with US State’s Departments and receive funding and trust through the partnership.


The Air Force Research Laboratory and AFWERX select Constellation due to extensive needs for data management from different data sources like unmanned drones, airplanes and satellites. All the above create needs for clean and consolidated data structures as their sources are different and need more human resources that can use the data and utilize useful insights for the future of Air Force.


Constellation’s services are advanced security in data structures with the proper encryption, control data systems and live auditing of the conditions from data sources.


This is not the first time that US Air Force partners with a blockchain company as it announces a couple days before that it will cooperate with SIMBA Chain, a smart contract startup.