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Aug, 2019

US Department of Commerce in search of Blockchain Expert

US Department of Commerce post a job opening for an IT position with at least one year experience in blockchain infrastructure and application development but also in identity management systems. Apart from that, the applicant should have relevant working experience in smart contracts and cryptography protocols.


The Department has a brief description about the working framework of the future employee, showing that the main reason behind this job hunting is the research on new technologies, in cooperation with the Department’s IT Lab. The position’s focus will be on highlighting cybersecurity cases and how they can be faced with new technologies which emerge from the market.


Even if the above framework looks wide, the job description focus on identity management systems (i.e. systems that record personal information) and on new technologies’ application and especially on blockchain through decentralized data structures. Last but not least, the annual salary for this position came at $166.000, in order to attract talents from all over USA.


You can see the job description and application process in the link below :