How to buy Bitcoins abroad

The person may face the problem when he does not know how to buy Bitcoins abroad. However, the scheme is approximately the same in any country of the world. The individual acquires the digital currency abroad from ATM, using brokers, local traders and exchanges.

How to buy Bitcoin in Hong Kong

If you are looking how to buy Bitcoin in Hong Kong, there are a lot of options at your disposal abroad. Taking into account that the main crypto does not have a legal status, it is important to be cautious at that due to the fraud risk. The banks of Hong Kong deal with their clients reluctantly in case they see that the activity of the person or a company is connected with cryptocurrencies. If we compare banks’ reaction abroad towards individuals and companies, then we will notice that there are especially tough with organizations, probably, because of the volume of assets. So what should one do for purchase in Hong Kong? How to do it? Experts advise to apply to popular online brokers abroad such as Alternatively, Android app Mycelium is an excellent option.

Despite illegal status of virtual money, folks can find BTMs in Hong Kong. If you use BTM abroad, you will need local currency for it, hence Hong Kong dollars are required. 

How to buy Bitcoins in UK

If you do not know how to buy Bitcoins in UK, you should consider several alternatives.

The banks do not welcome BTC acquisition and can even freeze the card once they see it. Therefore, customers should apply to special marketplaces where crypto is sold. The list of such exchanges includes Coinbase, Etoro, Avatrade, Plus500, ETX Capital, and others. There you do not only purchase BTC but can sell it as well.

There are a lot of resources nowadays offering BTC wallets. They also enable exchange of your digital assets. You can buy BTC in UK if you sign up at one of the services. The customer will have to enter the card details and then follow the instructions provided on the site. Some people install the BTC wallet and then apply to the broker, who will help you to exchange your funds once you are abroad.

You can also find the nearest BTM and purchase the coin there. There are 119 BTMs/tellers in UK. 87 machines are located in London. Manchester and Birmingham have 5 and 6 machines correspondingly, while other UK cities (where the crypto is presented) have 1 BTM only.

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