How to exchange Bitcoins

It is much easier to buy Bitcoins, but the sale procedure is not that straightforward. Many customers want to sell BTC but do not know how to exchange Bitcoins. There are different options available. One can sell BTC through exchange, direct trade or perform P2P transfer.

How do you cash in Bitcoins on the move

If you are on the move and need cash urgently, there is a possibility of withdrawal through BTM. The person will need a map with BTMs to find the nearest Bitcoin kiosk to transfer digital assets to cash. This is especially acute for travelers who do not know how and where they can spend virtual currency at unknown place therefore are in urgent need of fiat money.

One can also get real money through exchange. There are many brokers that specialize on cryptocurrency trade. Working with the main crypto and altcoins, some of them trade Bitcoins and, probably, a couple of other popular cryptos. Many reputable platforms of this type require full identity verification. The person connects the account on the exchange with the bank account to deposit and withdraw funds depending upon the direction of trade.

The user has to register first and start an account on certain platform trading BTC. After registration the person needs to place a sell offer where the currency is mentioned and the amount is sold. The seller determines the price and starts looking for the clients. The transaction is fulfilled in an automatic mode after another customer accepts the terms and buys the crypto. Wait for the money transfer to your account and withdraw it to your bank. Take into consideration that not all banks process transactions from cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to transfer Bitcoins to cash with minimal commission

Pay attention to the fee charged when they want to exchange BTC. The withdrawal to bank can also cost much. Study the terms and how-to guides before trading. If the withdrawal method is not convenient or too expensive, select different trading platforms with less expensive fee. It is not a problem to find the resources with little commission if you look for them thoroughly. Pay attention to the limit of the amount withdrawn. It is allowed to store a limited amount of money in the account of the online broker. With time the limit of a loyal user increases.

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