Where to find Bitcoin ATM in Europe

Crypto industry has always been relatively free in Europe, but in April, 2018, the European parliament decided to introduce stricter regulations to it. This was done within the frames of anti-money laundering directive. The new law imposes a range of obligations upon the companies delivering wallet service and exchange of crypto. Now there is opportunity to withdraw little amounts of money from Bitcoin ATM in Europe anonymously. Does it mean it will be impossible to stay anonymous selling and withdrawing your assets? The European Parliament reduced the threshold for identifying holders of prepaid and virtual cards. As you know, the threshold is €250 at the moment. But it is going to be only €150. It means there will be fewer offers at the market of crypto exchange as it directly affects some companies.

Now you can use Bitcoin ATM in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Romania and other countries of Europe to buy whatever you want. For instance, it is possible to use Bitcoin to buy World Cup tickets. It is advised to use the virtual card Wirex that enables such purchase. Hurry to get this Visa prepaid card before the Mundial. It is also possible to use Epaymentsprepaid cards (Mastercard).

Additionally, other services during World Cup are offered as well, for instance, football fans are able to spend BTC to pay for the hotel in Kaliningrad, or convert coins in Bitcoin ATM in Moscow.

If you want to use Bitcoin ATM, much depends upon your location. If you are in Prague, it is effortless to exchange your crypto there. There are 33 Bitcoin ATM machines in Praha. Czech Republic has about 40 of Bitcoin ATMs. Spain with its 47 BTC locations is also a great way to exchange virtual cash. Tourists are happy to have this opportunity in a sunny tourist country. Portugal offers just one Bitcoin ATM in Funchal. This is a fantastic tourist destination in Europe that will definitely attract BTC users. Buy and sell crypto in Ourinvest (Rua 5 de Outubro 31). The limit is €2000 a day.

It is also not a problem to use Bitcoin ATM in Belgium and in Romania with 6 machines in each country. Travelling around Europe, BTC users may go to Denmark with its capital Copenhagen, where they convert money in 2 Bitcoin ATM machines. One location enables purchase of virtual cash only, while the second one is bidirectional. It is located in The Dubliner #2, NyØstergade 14. ATM type isBitAccess.

Find more information on BTC map on the site of CoinATMRadar. You should just know, it is not a big problem to travel with digital coins around Europe. You will definitely find way to exchange your electronic cash.

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