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€ 5,850
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What is a Bitcoin cash machine and how to start an ATM BUSINESS?

Bitcoin cash machine atm is used for buying and selling Bitcoins for cash. There are bi-directional machines that allow not only to sell but to buy Bitcoins.

If you wish to buy Bitcoin cash machine, then look at the list of the best Bitcoin cash machines for sale.

Best providers of Bitcoin ATMs

  1. Genesis coin – makes one and two –ways Satoshi machines.
  2. General Bytes- provides Bitcoin cash machines for stores, there are one way ATMs , that are called BATMT  and a two-way, that are called BATMThreel .
  3. Lamassu-is a provider of one-way machine Duoro and Santo Tirso that can be used as a two-way ATM.

According t the latest statistics, Bitcoin ATMs are installed all over the world and their number is constantly growing. So, if you want to work in this sphere, it is a high time to hurry and to think about all possible perspectives.


Main points connected with Bitcoin cash machine for beginners.

  1. Regulation.  There should be a legal framework for any kind of activity that brings profit. ATM business has to have necessary licenses. If you are not ready to have such expenses, as purchasing license, then there is one more way, find a working ATM provider and propose collaboration.
  2. Bank account. To run business, connected with Bitcoin cash machines, you have to have a bank account. It is a really important task to organize a stream of money to the bank and to perform wire transfers from bank account to exchange to renew Bitcoin balance.  Know everything about banks that are ready to cowork. Not so many institutions want to have a deal with such kind of business nowadays.
  3. Choose a right location for Bitcoin cash machine. Next important step in the ATM business, is to choose a best location for your ATM. Consider such factors as availability, volume of traffic, working hours of a shop or a cafe. It should be a crowded public place, like supermarket, shopping mall, cafe or a popular restaurant.
  4. Provide a best customer support. Contacts of the customer support have to be written on the ATM machine.  If you are able to provide a reliable and safe service to customers, it will be a guarantee of a successful business.